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The Beautiful vol 1

All he wants is freedom but lies and power will always keep him trapped

Will Randle is a young barkeep struggling with poverty, loss, and a craving for something more than what his tiny home island of South Astonia offers people of his class. So when a chance encounter with a wealthy nobleman gives him the opportunity to board the Moralis, a military ship delivering supplies to a far off land, he jumps on the chance to leave his home for a taste of freedom. 

Life on a ship is the closest thing he’s had to independence and the only time he’s been able to make his way up in this world. He’s prepared for the hard work and even the danger. What he’s not prepared for is the lies. Because the Moralis’s mission is not as clear cut as Will had thought and the deception nearly costs him everything. 

When he ends up on a remote island, a mysterious gentlewoman named Mary saves his life. But she’s keeping something from him and is much more complicated than he would have ever imagined. 

Now Will must navigate this strange new relationship and the complex political machinations that have brought him here. What is he willing to do for another chance to be free? Was that dream ever attainable for someone like him?

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